Our latest work (December 2020)

Some of our latest works of embroidered and woven keychains with zooming shots on the embroidered parts and on the woven details.

Latest work : some keychain that we've done in december 2020

Embroidered & Woven Keychain References

Some very nice keychains from our very latest work ! You'll find some woven and embroidered tags.

Zoom on Flat6 magazine embroidered keychain

Zoom on selectour woven keychain logo

Zoom on woven Selectour's logo

selectour woven keychain

Zooming on embroidered white threads

Zooming on the white embroidery threads

Bratans embroidery tag

ILMC woven keyring

Zoom on ILMC's woven logo

Woven keyring ILMC

Embroidered Honda's Logo Zoom

Honda's embroidered white logo (Zoom in)

Honda embroidered key chain

PicNik Media woven Logo Zoom


PicNik Media Woven Key Tag