Custom Embroidered Key Ring

We have 2 types of keychains that you can fully customize: the embroidered keychain and the woven keychain.

They are 100% customizable with a wide choice of fabric colors for the background and borders (optionnal). You can insert texts and logos at your convenience, both front and back.

Depending on the complexity of the logo (or image) to be integrated on the keyring, it will be necessary to choose the weaving method rather than embroidery (which is generally used by default) because weaving allows to obtain more details and precision during the manufacturing process.

embroidered keychain details
embroidery quality

Embroidered keychains are using different embroidery threads. Basically, one thread is used for each different color.

Woven keychains are using only one thread (except for the border), whatever the number of colors.

Embroidered keychain references

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