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What's a Remove Before Flight ?

Have you ever wondered why parked planes have long red ribbons with REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT on it ?

At the end of these strips of fabric there is either a small metal tube that slips into the pressure port to obstruct it, or a cover that slips around the hole when it is quite big (ex: "Pitot" tube).

Indeed, a lot of parts on an aircraft are vulnerable and need to be properly covered or secured before a long parking time.

These red strips, also called red tags, are there to prevent pressure tapping on an aircraft are clogged with dust, insects or any other parasite that would disrupt these air intakes. Indeed, if they are plugged, most flight indicators are no longer operational, especially the anemometer. That's why during takeoff, the first thing to check is that the speed is displayed well!

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These red tags have many design options and are commonly used in civil and military aviation. Some of them are attached to pins and are sometimes used to prevent the inadvertent firing of the seat and the embrittlement of the canopy. They are also present to keep the aerodynamic pallets open. These are circuit breakers on the weapon systems (gun, missile, bomb...).

Some of these aircraft fly tags are also attached to the landing gear. We can not get in if we forget to remove them.

Therefor aircraft manufactures have come up with an easy and reliable solution, cover up what is valuable and attach a huge "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" sign on to the cover or locking pin to make it stand out for the pilot whilst performing his outside check !

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Custom Embroidered Key Ring

Nowadays, these aircraft tags are used as Goodies, in particular in the form of embroidered or woven keychains that can be customized for the purpose of promoting a brand or a company. In most cases, you will find the brand name and logo embroidered on the keychain.

Small and inexpensive, these keychains have become effective promotional items and widely used by large companies that might give them out by the thousands !

If you want to design and make your own custom keychains, we can offer you 2 types of manufacturing :

Embroidery example

Top-Quality Custom Keychains

At, embroidered & woven keychains are ALL we do. If you need personalized embroidered or woven keychains for a business, administration, military unit, sports club, a commercial event or for any other purpose, you've come to the right place!

We provide top quality embroidered and woven keychains, competitively priced with perfect customer service.

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Remove Before Flight Sizing

Remove Before Flight Sizing

Several sizes can be applied to embroidered or woven key chains.
The left image is an overview of the different possible sizes between 70x15mm (key ring at the bottom) and 140x30mm (flame at the top).

Please note that any custom size is doable provided that the visual (text and image) is clearly legible.

We can advise you on this point during the mock-up phase.

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Thread & Twill Colors

The choice of colors is very wide, both in terms of the fabric constituting the background of the keychain (Twill) and for the Threads that will be embroidered above -for embroidery only- to represent the texts and graphic shapes ( like logos for example).

We use the Pantone codes (PMS : "Pantone Matching System") for woven key chains.

This also results in a very large panel of available colors (> 1600).

Design Your Keychain

genuine embroidered RBF pack

We make the original keychains labeled "Remove Before Flight" in 3 colors: red, blue and black. They are available in 2 sizes: 5.5'x1.8' (140x30mm) or 4.72'x0.98' (120x25mm). The embroidered models have the inscription in white text, embroidered over the colored twill fabric.

To order generic key chains, you can visit our shop page.

All models can be ordered individually and in 2 or 3 color packs with a decreasing unit price.

Genuine woven remove before flight

Just as for embroidered keychains, we also offer original designs using the weaving method.

Unlike embroidery, woven flames are made in the same fabric thread, making the white text completely embedded in the colored background; there is not any text embossed effect in these models.

These woven keyrings are available in 2 sizes, 5.5'x1.8' (140x30mm) or 4.72'x0.98' (120x25mm) and can be ordered individually or in packs of 2 or 3.


genuine woven RBF pack

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