The Red aeronautical flame used in aviation in the form of a cloth strip and placed for the control of sensitive points of the aircraft, provides excellent exposure for your brand as a promotionnel gift item (Goodies).

There are 4 different sizes mainly used for this type of keychain

  • 100x20mm (3.94 x 0.79 inches)
  • 120x25mm (4.72 x 0.98 inches)
  • 130x30mm (5.12 x 1.18 inches)
  • 140x30mm (5.51 x 1.18 inches)

We can also produce keychains with a custom size, do not hesitate to contact us to submit a request of this type.


Some remove before flight keychains have a reinforced clip that can replace the traditional ring-shaped clip. For the reinforced fastener, there is an additional manufacturing cost of + $0.15 per keychain compared to the conventional fastener.

Shape and cut

In most cases, the flames are rectangular in shape, with a crimped eyelet and a metal ring that is used to insert the keys of every day.

However it is possible to make models with a custom shape and a cut to measure: rounded corners, arrow, triangular shape etc etc ...

formes des porte-cles
fils fluorescents

Whether on the front or back side, the remove before flight can contain logos and / or text, the choice of colors is free and it's also possible to choose fluorescent, silver or gold colored threads.