Embroidered vs Woven Keychains - Choosing The Best Keychain

The differences between embroidered and woven keychains are quite subtle, but nonetheless essential. It is therefore necessary to recall what these two techniques are.

embroidered keychain Versus woven keychain

What is a Woven Keychain ?

Woven keychains are keychains done by stitching a design with threads into a piece of fabric.

What is an Embroidered Keychain ?

Embroidered Keychains are keychains which design is achieved by interlacing threads.

There is a distinct difference between the rendering of an embroidered and a woven keychain:

  • Woven key chains are created with finer threads.
  • These finer threads allow a tighter weave, which allows for more details in the design.
  • They also provide sharper lines and a flatter appearance, closer to a printed pattern.
  • The thickness of the key ring is also thin.

Detail is in the Woven Keychain

Woven Keychains can reproduce very small details and texts whereas Embroidered Keychains are capable of giving a very nice embossed embroidery effect.

So if your artwork is:

  • Very Precise
  • Has small details
  • or Has very fine lettering

then you may consider woven keychains as your best option.

Woven Detail

Embroidery Embossed Effect

Because an embroidered keychain is sewn more densely with thicker embroidery thread, the threads give the keychain a thicker feel and a three-dimensional look.

This is a great option if you don't have a lot of text to print or if there aren't any small details in your logo and you want to have that classic and handcrafted look that embroidery gives.