Custom Remove Before Flight Keyring

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We can no longer guarantee any delivery on time for the 2023 Paris Air Show.

Customization tips

  • Use png images with transparent background to insert on your tag.
    If you use a jpeg/jpg file you will have a white background around your picture.
  • Dark colors on light background / Light colors on dark background
    Don't put white text on yellow background or a black logo on a brown background.
  • The original font for Remove Before Flight tags is called "Roboto Condensed" : 3rd font in the list.
  • By default, the technique used is embroidery for all orders made on our "Design Lab" tool.
    If ever the visual turns out to be too detailed or complex, then the weaving will be proposed to you by email to replace the embroidery.
  • Please note that any color gradation is not reproducible in embroidery or weaving. If your design includes color gradients, then we will offer you a 3rd option which is Print.
  • Quantity: from 5 to 5 000 pcs
  • Auto Decreasing prices according to quantity
  • Same price if single-sided or double-sided
  • Price unchanged if adding image (logo) or not
  • By default, embroidery is preferred, then weaving then Print
  • Please note: the border must be the same color on both sides.
    If you have ever chosen to make a different color background on the front and back, you will have to choose a single color for the border.
    The Design Lab tool does not allow you to change the color of the border so we thank you for specifying the color in the comment field of the order.